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A Family Owned Business

Med Equipt, LLC is a husband and wife owned business.  We have 30 years of experience in Sleep Medicine.  We also have two children of whom we are extremely proud.  Our son is making his own way in the health care industry and loves his job helping patients.  Our daughter is a talented artist and writer, soon to be college bound.

Not Just an Internet Seller

We desire to give CPAP patients personal follow up despite being Internet based.  If you are new to CPAP, choose our compliance package for personalized follow up calls.  

We are here to help patients who need a lower cost "cash price" due to a high deductible insurance, no insurance, a medical bill sharing program, or other cost concern.

Information before you shop


Our Luna II device

The device we supply was carefully selected to have a host of compliance features and reporting capabilities.  It is the ultimate device to set you up for success.  It is actually an AutoPAP (Auto Positive Airway Pressure), not just a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).  Note that an AutoPAP can be set in either AutoPAP mode OR CPAP mode.  A CPAP is not able to be set as an AutoPAP.  AutoPAP mode allows a minimum and maximum pressure to be set.  The device will sense breathing disturbances such as apneas and hypopneas and turn itself up from the minimum pressure only as needed.  Conversely, after breathing fine for a period of time at a higher pressure, the device will lower pressure back down.  This ability gives your sleep physician options for your long term treatment and management that a CPAP would not.   

A CPAP device will only deliver the pressure it is set at and will not adjust itself up and down as needed.  It is still the ultimate goal for many patients to eventually get to a static CPAP pressure, but having a device that can do both modes has many benefits so that your care team is not handcuffed if you need to switch modes.  

As a cash patient, your provider may have elected that you can go through the least expensive  model if it is appropriate based on your initial consultation and your personal medical condition.  This model includes using the AutoPAP device to titrate your pressure automatically at home rather than spending a night in a sleep center with a technician manually adjusting your pressure.  After a period of time, (usually several weeks) the physician can look at all the data from your device.  Based on this data, the physician can set either a CPAP pressure for you or a minimum and maximum pressure for you to continue on AutoPAP.  If you should need this least expensive model again in the future and your pressure needs have changed (such as due to weight loss or gain) your AutoPAP device will allow this, saving you money long term.

As mentioned, we don't just want to sell you a device and supplies.  We want to help you adhere to therapy and thus be healthier.  We can best do this by selecting a device that is not just an AutoPAP, but also has the capability for us to access your compliance data remotely and share it with the rest of your care team.  Many devices found on the Internet will only allow you to give this data to your care team if you physically bring in your device or mail them an SD card from your device.  

Our device allows many options to share compliance data remotely.  This includes the "iCode" which we can collect via automated or personal call.  There is also a mobile app that will allow you to scan a code from your CPAP screen and upload to a secure website. The most comprehensive data comes from an attached modem which also uploads to a secure website.  This occurs each morning.  The device does also record data to an SD card as well as in internal memory  Both of these solutions are also fully comprehensive.  The website is maintained by the device manufacturer (3B Medical) and is HIPAA compliant.  

If you chose our compliance support bundle with a modem, your device will have all the available options, but will also come with a modem.   This modem will allow remote access to the most comprehensive data about how you are doing but also has the valuable bonus of allowing remote changes to your device's settings.  This saves you time and money over having to bring your device in to someone for each change.  We will actively analyze your data to tailor follow up calls with you and work with your doctor's office to ensure your success.  

Without the compliance support, you may still contact us for basic support regarding any questions you have Monday-Friday 8a-5p.  We will not access your CPAP data.  Your doctor may still pull your CPAP data from the device if you physically bring it to his or her office.      

Finally, the device we offer has all the bells and whistles of any modern AutoPAP and more.  See the full list of features on our product page.  Backed with a 2 year warranty.

About our masks and mask fit over the Internet

Mask fit is a big concern, especially over the Internet.  Our solution is to use only all size kits.  This is all we offer in several masks so that you will have the correct size for you.  The increase in cost to get two extra mask cushions or nasal pillow sizes is very little in comparison to the problems involved with ordering the wrong size.  We also recommend buying both a nasal pillow system and a regular nasal mask system so that you can try both in all sizes.  This will help ensure you have the correct, most comfortable mask for you from the beginning.  The Rio nasal pillow system and the Viva or Siesta nasal mask should work for most users.  Some patients find they need a full face mask.  These should always be tried as a last resort.  A larger mask increases the possibility and severity of leaks as well as sore points or irritation to the face.  Often, full face masks will also cause the patient to require a higher pressure.  We do offer several full face masks in various sizes, but an all size kit is not currently available until around February of 2020.  If you need a full face mask after trying  a nasal pillow and nasal mask system, order your individual size after determining this from the sizing template.  Most patients will need a medium size full face mask.  See our mask selection page for more information.  Please note opened masks can't be returned.  

What do I need to do to purchase and what happens after purchase?

We will need a copy of your prescription before you purchase our AutoPAPs or masks.  NOTE:  Your prescription is personal information.  It may have identifiers unique to you such as your medical record number.  You may chose to send this order using your current email, but be aware this is probably not secure.  If you still choose to transmit your order this way, simply send your order as an email attachment to Medequipt@protonmail.com If you would like to transmit your order in a completely secure manner, sign up for a free protonmail account at protonmail.com.  Protonmail has secure end-to-end encryption and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.  We encourage you to consider a paid account or a donation to this wonderful service.  

Also be sure to sign our authorization form.  This will allow us to share information with your ordering doctor and his or her staff using 3B Medical's online platform, iCodeConnect along with more standard forms of communication.  We respect your privacy and will not share your information without your authorization unless compelled to do so by law or where the law allows us to share information for the purposes of your healthcare treatment based on professional judgment.  See the next page to send your prescription and download the authorization form.  

 After purchase, we will send you the Luna II manual and an initial set up guide.  These materials and those included with your device and accessories should be all you need to begin therapy.  However, feel free to contact us with any questions.  Remember, our first follow up will be 1-4 days after you receive your device if you chose compliance support.  If you did not choose support, your first follow up after starting therapy will be with your physician.

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