Select your AutoPAP Sleep Apnea Machine Bundle

Luna II CPAP / AutoPAP Sleep Apnea Machine Sleep Machine

AutoPAP with compliance bundle and WiFi Modem

Select this AutoPAP / CPAP machine bundle for the ultimate in convenience and support.  This bundle includes an RPSGT tracking your results remotely and working with you and your doctor throughout your first six weeks.  The WiFi Modem uploads your data each morning.  If changes to your sleep apnea machine settings are needed, these can be done remotely through the modem.  All possible data can be seen remotely.  Bundles without a modem have limited remote data reporting and the AutoPAP / CPAP settings can't be changed remotely.  Choose this bundle if you want the most possible support and reporting and have WiFi in your home.

AutoPAP with compliance bundle and Cellular Modem

Choose this  AutoPAP / CPAP machine bundle if you want all the benefits listed above but do not have WiFi in your home.  Note that a cell signal must be available.

AutoPAP with compliance bundle but no Modem

Please note this bundle only saves fifty dollars over those with a Modem.  Without a modem, there is some data available to actively track remotely but it is limited in scope and requires automated or active calls to you to have you upload codes from your device.  An RPSGT will still actively work with you and your doctor throughout your first six weeks.    Full data is available for your doctor if you bring in your device or SD card to his or her office.   Remote changes to settings are also not possible without physically going in to the office.   Select this bundle if you do not have WiFi or cell service in your home but want active remote support.

AutoPAP only

Choose this item if you are not interested in active, remote support or a bridge to your physician.  Your data will not be uploaded anywhere or monitored remotely by Med Equipt in any way.  Remote setting changes are not possible.  All follow up/data reporting will be exclusively with your doctor's office.  Full data can be reported if you have your SD card in any physician's office via iCodeConnect's "Quick Report."

Luna II AutoPAP information Downloads

LUNA-II-CPAP/APAP-User-Manual (pdf)


Connecting Router (pdf)