Select your masks

To counteract the difficulty of fitting the correct mask for you over the Internet, we recommend each new patient select two different masks and try each of the two masks.  Use the one that ultimately works best for you and keep your second mask as a back up.  A back up often comes in handy to wear periodically.  This can be due to a temporary sore point, irritation, or injury that may be avoided with another mask.  This also gives you a back up to use if you break your primary mask.  Unfortunately, Med Equipt can't accept returns on open masks- keep both items.  Note that some patients may need a third mask if neither of the first masks work out.  Med Equipt recommends leaving a full face mask as the last option unless you are absolutely sure you need one.  We offer our nasal masks in all size kits only so you are sure to have the size you need.  Our full face mask is unfortunately not available in an all size kit.  See the full face section below for fitting.

If you are claustrophobic:

Select the Rio II nasal pillows and the Siesta nasal mask.  Both are in all size kits.  Nasal pillow systems only seal at your nostrils, are less bulbous and are the type of interface most commonly tolerated by claustrophobic patients.  Try the Rio II first, then try the Siesta mask.  This mask does not have a forehead pad and has an open sight line above the mask.  Claustrophobia often has a visual cue and the open sight line of the Siesta may be tolerated fine in comparison with other nasal masks.

If you have have no problems with claustrophobia, clear nasal breathing and no seasonal allergies:

Select the Rio II nasal pillows and the Viva nasal mask.  Both CPAP masks are in all size kits.

If you have trouble with nasal breathing and/or seasonal allergies:

Select the Viva nasal mask all size kit and the Numa full face CPAP masks.  Use the Viva sleep mask first and only use the Numa when you need to or your allergies are so bad you can't accomplish nasal breathing.  The Numa must be fitted as it does not come in all sizes.  Download the following sizing gauge to select your size:

Numa Full Face CPAP Mask Sizing Gauge Download

NUMA-mask-fitting-guide (pdf)


Mask information downloads

Numa Full Face Mask (pdf)


Rio-II Nasal Pillows (pdf)


Viva Nasal Mask (pdf)