Send your Prescription and authorization

Our AutoPAPs and masks require a valid prescription to purchase

Your AutoPAP / CPAP prescription is private health information.  You have the right to send us your prescription in an unsecure manner if you so choose.  For convenience, many may choose to send their prescription as an attachment using their own unencrypted email.  If so, simply scan your prescription, attach it to an email and send it to Your information will be encrypted once it reaches protonmail.  Even Protonmail personnel can't view your information.  The only thing not encrypted is information in the subject line, so please do not place any demographic or personal data there.  Everything else, including attachments are encrypted.

You may also send your prescription to us in a second unsecure manner.  We have an eFax number.  You can fax your prescription to 1-601-300-3045.

If you want to send your prescription in a truly secure manner, go to and sign up for a free account.  Then use this email account to attach and send your prescription.  Consider a paid account or donation to this great service.  

Authorization to share your information with your ordering doctor and 3B Medical's secure website

This will allow your data to be viewed remotely by us to see how you are doing with therapy.  Only authorized individuals will be able to access your data on this website.  This will include Med Equipt personnel, 3B Medical personnel and personnel at your ordering doctor's office unless you authorize someone else to view this data.  Download our authorization below.  Note this authorization will also include private health information.  Fill out your full name, date of birth, address, phone number and this same information regarding your ordering physician.  Sign and date the authorization.  Follow the instructions in the section above to either send this in an unsecure manner at your discretion or via our secure solution via proton mail.  

About security and privacy

We respect your privacy and keep safeguards and practices in place for your protection.  Note this website is secure and protected by Secure Socket Layer technology.  Our payment solutions are through PayPal and enjoy their trusted security and privacy technologies and practices.  Med Equipt keeps administrative, physical and technical practices in place to protect your information.  We will never sell or share your information without authorization unless allowed by law.  

Authorization Download

Authorization (docx)